THE organization, management and control model, ACCORDING TO THE LEGISLATIVE DECREE NO. 231/2001

Pixartprinting S.p.A. (hereinafter also "Pixartprinting" or the “Company”), is a primary printing Company that has been involved in printing for almost 25 years, performing online a service traditionally offered in physical stores.

The Company provides customised online printing services, producing magazines, catalogues, labels, packaging, printing on textiles and much more, its e-commerce is the largest web-to-print operation in Italy and one of the most important in Europe.

The Company has adopted an Organisational, management and control Model (hereinafter the “Organisational Model”), drawn up in compliance with the provisions of Articles 6 and 7 of Legislative Decree approved on 8th June 2001, no. 231 and subsequent amendments and additions (hereinafter, "Legislative Decree "). The Legislative Decree regulates the liabilities of legal entities, companies and associations for administrative offences arising from crimes [1].

The Organisational Model adopted by Pixartprinting, provides specific rules and procedures in order to prevent liability of the Company as a direct consequence of crime committed by a natural person "to the advantage or in the interest" of the Company. In particular, the Company is liable for the offences committed by:

  1. persons in a top position, such as individuals who are representatives, directors or managers of the company or of one of its organizational unit that has financial and functional independence, or by individuals who are responsible for managing or controlling the company;
  2. persons in a subordinate position, such as persons subject to the management or supervision of one of the persons in a top position (e.g. employees or collaborators).

The Organisational Model aims to develop a corporate governance structure and risk prevention system to prevent managers, executives, employees and external collaborators from committing crimes. Please note that, also crime committed by external partners or collaborators might cause the Company's liability; therefore any behaviour of the external partners or collaborators in contrast with the Organisational Model and/or the Code of Ethics, might constitute a breach of contract which shall determine the termination of the agreement, and, if appropriate, the request for compensation for any damages occurring to the Company.

Code of Ethics

The Pixartprinting 's Code of Ethics (hereinafter also "Code of Ethics ") identifies the corporate values of reference, highlighting all the rights, duties and responsibilities of all those who, in any capacity, operate within the Company or collaborate with it, whether they are employees, clients, suppliers, consultants, agents, partners commercial, public administration, public employees, shareholders and more generally, any other person with whom a contact is established.

The Code of Ethics is an integral and essential part of the Organisational Model and can be found in a specific section of the Organisational Model, accessible to all employees.

The complete text of the Organisational Model and the Code of Ethics is available at the following link: Code of Ethics

[1] The crimes that implies the company’s liability are listed in the Decree from article 24 to article 25-terdecies, and includes, for example, crimes against the public administration, company crimes, cyber crimes and environmental crimes.